KLIMASYSTEM MISSION is to provide customers with comfort and security by providing healthy and fresh air to their premises. Our employees make each client feel special with their commitment. The girls from the sales department approach each client individually, while the rest of the group creates the highest quality service and product.

RELIABILITY, PROFESSIONALISM AND PASSION make our service a comprehensive product with real value, not only for customers but also for ourselves.

KlimaSystem company values it’s more than words. Values define our identity and come first in all our activities. The following words define us, so let’s follow what we have agreed together,



We treat the other person as we would like to be treated. We respect and recognize the employee’s contribution to every filter produced, to each service rendered. We strive to maintain strong, mutually beneficial relationships with clients who increase the value of our products. We are telling the truth. We only promise what we can provide. We try to keep our commitments.



Understood as the ability to listen to the other party along with the adoption of constructive criticism. It is accepting responsibility for our actions, without denying, without lying, blaming others, excuses, and letting go. If we declare that we will do something – we do it. If we fail, we admit our mistake, we humbly take the blame on ourselves without looking for the guilty ones. We are looking for solutions and getting conclusions.


helping others

We help each other achieve success. We care about other people both in the team and outside of it. We do not run away from difficult matters, we look for solutions. We help each other, we strive for friendly solutions for as long as possible.



It is mutual trust and honesty in interpersonal relations. It is taking care of the general interest of the employer, the Company, and the team. We do not operate behind the backs of colleagues. We provide reliable information on matters that may affect the work of another member of the group or the client’s work.


Security and peace

We create an environment without conflicts or ambiguities. We care for a positive internal atmosphere. We strive for everyone to come to work with pleasure and commitment. We do not influence others improperly and we also do not let them do this to us. We feel financially secure knowing that the company we work in has sufficient financial resources to meet our needs. We also create a safe environment for our clients. We give them comfort, knowledge, commitment, quality, and responsibility. We give them security.



We are committed to quality issues and are proud of all our products and services. We try to work the best we can, we learn from our successes and failures. We strive for personal development, to improve the results of work on our initiative, as well as through programs initiated by the Company.