New Standard - ISO 16890

The new ISO 16890 standard will replace replace the EN 779:2012 standard

NThe new way of testing and determining the filtration efficiency corresponds to the real working conditions in which the filter will work and allows for precise definition of the requirements for the filters, adequate to the natural air pollution.

According to the new ISO 16890 standard, filter efficiency is estimated for the entire particle size spectrum.

There are four groups of filters:

ISO Coarse: estimates the separation of new ISO A2 dust PM10: for particle sizes ≤ 10 μm PM2.5: for particle sizes ≤ 2.5 μm PM1: for particle sizes ≤ 1 μm

ISO 16890 classifications are based on where particles settle in the human lungs

Due to their harmfulness, durability and frequency, particles smaller than or equal to 1 μm require the greatest attention.