Syndrom chorych budynków – czym jest i jak temu zapobiegać stosując
odpowiednio dobrany system filtracji?

Have you ever heard the term Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)?

SBS is a group of health symptoms related to staying in a room/building. The immediate cause of this syndrome is irregularities related to the indoor climate.

There are over 50 symptoms reported by people with SBS. Typical symptoms, as described by the World Health Organization, are personality changes, nervousness, anger, sweat, distraction; high frequency of respiratory infections and coughing; hoarseness and shortness of breath; asthma symptoms in people without asthma; allergic rhinitis; irritation of the eyes, nose, and larynx; sensitivity of the mucosa and skin; erythema, red spots; itching and inexplicable hypersensitivity.

Currently, the majority of our population spends over 90% of their time in buildings, where most of the time we are exposed to the effects of central heating and cooling systems, as well as equipment elements such as computer screens, printers, and photocopiers.

In this situation, people staying inside the building are not only exposed to pollution from outside but also those that are generated during office work. Removing or modifying a source of contaminants is an effective approach to solve this problem once the sources are known and control is possible.

Examples of proper indoor climate control and the elimination of solid particles from the air we breathe include routine maintenance of HVAC systems. We are referring to periodic cleaning and replacement of filters as well as proper removal of the source of pollution generated inside the building.

Increasing ventilation speed and air distribution as well as properly selected air filters can often be a cost-effective way to reduce indoor pollution. Your HVAC systems should be designed at least to meet the ventilation standards of local building codes; however, many systems are not operated or maintained to ensure that these designed ventilation levels are maintained. In many buildings, the air quality can be significantly improved by operating the HVAC system at least by its design standard and ISO 16890 guidelines.

We encourage you to check your systems after a period of downtime due to a pandemic, as it can have a significant impact on the work efficiency of people in the building.

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