Minipleat filter

Minipleat filter

The minipleat panel filter is designed to work in all ventilation systems wherever the highest air purity is required. These filters effectively retain fine dust, vapors, pollen, and soot, are used in the paper, metallurgy, pharmaceutical, electronics, medical and food industries.
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Plisowane polipropylenowe medium filtracyjne

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Bardzo wysoka pyłochłonność

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Temperatura pracy do 80˚C


Minipleat panel filters are filters with an increased filtration surface for separating fine dust fractions, offered in exact filtration classes, used in installations with increased air purity requirements. Minipleat panel filters have a filter medium other than pleated filters and can, therefore, be offered in higher purity classes. These filters are characterized by high mechanical strength and durability. The filter construction is based on a galvanized steel frame with a minipleat filter insert with a compact and durable structure made of glass filter paper connected with hotmelt bonding.


– Pleated polypropylene filter medium
– Very high dust absorption
– Low pressure drop
– Working temperature up to 80˚C

Technical specifications


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