Metal panel filter

Metal panel filter

Grease filters are used in simple air handling units as an element of pre-filtration and kitchen hoods as a fat separator from the filtered air. They are used to catch fat particles or oil mist in extractors industrial and gastronomy. Thanks to the high dust storage capacity and the possibility of working in high humidity – the frequency of maintenance is reduced by cleaning cables.
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Temperatura pracy ok. 300°C


The filtration medium consists of metal mesh coils placed in a galvanized steel or aluminum frame. Filters of this type are filters reusable, their regeneration consists in cleaning with compressed air or running water with detergent. The multilayer construction creates an effective barrier that retains dust while allowing the free movement of clean air particles through the filtering material.


Low-pressure drop; non-flammable; easy regeneration; can work in difficult conditions; the same filter can be used a few times; reduced operating costs.


– Catching fat molecules
– High dust absorption
– Low-pressure drop
– Expanded mesh
– The working temperature around
   300 ° C


Industrial lifts, gastronomy, machines, silencers, separators.

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