Fan coil panel filter

Fan coil panel filter

Panel filters are designed mainly for operation in fan coil units as well as in ventilation and air conditioning installations as well as various air curtains. They are great at cleaning the air of dust and other small impurities, mainly in offices, offices, hotel rooms, public buildings.
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Panel filters are made of a polyester filter mat sewn on both sides on a wireframe with a diameter of 4 mm. The most commonly used medium for fan coils are 100g / m2, 150g / m2 and 220g / m2. The filter frame is rigid and has no sharp edges. Their design is very light and easy to install. Because no elements of the filter structure block the filter medium, the filter can freely work with the entire surface. Panel filters are resistant to moisture as well as other adverse conditions.


– Moisture resistant media
– Filter wire construction
– Lightweight design
– Easy and quick installation

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