Will replacing pocket filters with HEPA filters improve air quality and protect us against viruses?

Pocket filters are divided into preliminary G4 (ISO Coarse) and fine M5 (ePM10); F7 (ePM2.5) and F9 (ePM1). The role of pre-filters is to remove larger contaminants visible to the naked eye, while fine filters are responsible for protecting our health against contaminants that could get through the respiratory tract to the circulatory system.

But what about viruses and bacteria, how should we protect ourselves from them? Which filter is right?

For this purpose, the ideal solution is EPA, HEPA, and ULPA filters, which are an excellent barrier to this type of pollution.

There is one more important aspect that should not be forgotten, namely that HEPA filters are easily contaminated and therefore the same situation that we described in the case of pre-filters may take place, without the appropriate sequence of filters placed before the HEPA filter we can bring to the fact that the frequency of HEPA filter changes will significantly exceed our budget.

Therefore, answering the question: we should not use HEPA filters interchangeably with pocket filters, but as the third and last element of our sequence that will protect our health, e.g. against COVID-19 viruses.

Alternatively, we can also offer you compact filters in the higher filtration classes, which can also contribute to better protection of our health.

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