Should I increase the frequency of replacing air filters due to COVID-19?

We recommend replacing the filters according to the current schedule in your facility.

It is possible to increase the protection against the virus by using a multi-stage filtration process using ePM2,5, ePM1, or HEPA fine filters.

HVAC installations have one to several degrees of filtration depending on the intended purpose of the rooms. The number of degrees depends on how clean the air is.

Where are three levels of filtration:

– pre-filters coarse – ISO Coarse filtration class according to ISO 16890
– fine filters – filtration class ePM2,5 and ePM1 according to ISO 16890
– very fine filters – HEPA, EPA and ULPA according to PN EN 1822: 2009

Most importantly – you should not delay any scheduled filter replacement, e.g. waiting for the situation to stabilize. Postponing the exchange may result in:

• reduction of airflow due to the increasing amount of impurities in the filter;
• increasing electricity consumption.

Contact our team and we will help you to choose the right air filters for your application.